Tailor-Made Solution

We know one size doesn’t always fit all firms. With our solution platforms, we can take different parts and create a “Tailor Made” solution just for your law firm. We will work with you to make a plan that fits the needs of your firm and stays within your budget. This way you get just what you are looking for and won’t pay for anything you don’t need. But no matter what you get our experience and knowledge to help your firm be successful.

What you bring to the table is your law firms knowledge and the ability to generate content. But don’t worry and think we just leave you alone. We will be here to help train you to SEO your content and any to answer any other questions you may have. From here the sky’s the limit!

As this is a Tailor-Made Solution geared to your needs we’ve left the pricing open. Whatever your budget is we can customize your Tailor-Made Solution. Limited budget? Get a small platform site going. Expand when you can. Have a larger budget? Build a larger solution that creates a wider net to get more visitors. To get started just let us know what you need and we can create the Tailor-Made Solution that is right for you!


What do I get with Tailor Made Solution?
You get a professionally designed website hosted on our high-speed servers. From there you pick and choose what is best for your firm. If you want to handle all of your social media, no problem. If you have someone to do your content generation, no problem. Make a plan that is right for you.

Do you also create mobile sites?
Yes. All of our website solutions include mobile designs.

What is the cost structure?
The cost structure is a one-time fee to get everything set-up and ready to go, and a recurring monthly fee as we continually update, upgrade, maintain, monitor, create additional content for all channels, maintain social media, maintain your PPC, and continually refine all SEO on your internet marketing solution.

So I get a website?
Yes. You get a website.

Is my site Search Engine Optimized?
Yes. We optimize your site to our high SEO standards, internally and externally depending on what you pick.

Does my site have page speed optimization?
Yes. Before we launch your site we test the site for optimal page speed.

Is hosting included?
Yes. On our custom highspeed lite-speed servers

Do you use WordPress?
Yes. We use the CMS platform trusted by some of the biggest news sites online to small blogs. Over 29% of the web uses WordPress.

Do you just pick any old WordPress template and install it?
No. All of our templates are custom made and infused with all of our experience and knowledge so it performs at optimal efficiency.

We’ve had our sites go down for days at a time in the past, Do you monitor up time?
Yes. We have software that routinely checks your site regularly and if your site goes down we are quickly alerted and take the appropriate steps to get you back up. This is quite rare on our servers.

I want social media! Can you help?
Yes. We can set-up your social media accounts if you haven’t already, manage the accounts and integrate them into your solution platform, add content and continue marketing your social media accounts to generate more connections, good reviews, and leads.

Do I get content generation?
Available. After we build your solution platform we can continually generate content if needed. From pages to articles, research news, firm news, press releases to social media and PR we generate copy for your site.

Do I get images with my content?
Yes. We have photographers and photoshop experts who create amazing images to go with the content we generate.

Are Google Adwords and social media PPC costs included?
Available. We can manage your Google Adwords and social media PPC campaigns but the actual costs of the PPC account campaigns are additional.

Do you just set up Google Adwords and social media PPC?
No. You can pick a budget and we can set up your PPC account and campaigns, and you pay the cost. Then we can monitor, maintain and refine your ads, keywords, targets, and time rotation to maximize your ROI.

Do you set up Google Analytics?
Yes. We set-up google analytics for all of our sites and set-up indexing on Google and Bing so all content is indexed and searchable.

Can you create video’s for my site?
Available. We have full video capability and can create videos.

Do you do print work?
Available. Let us know what you need.

Can you design a new logo for my site?
Available. Let us know if you want a new logo.

Can I contact you guys anytime with new ideas I want to try, markets I want to target?
Yes. We are here to help you succeed and combining your knowledge of your industry with our knowledge of the internet is the best way to success.

I have more questions?
Then contact us so we can answer them 😉


What We Offer With The Tailor Made Solution

Single Site YES!
Multi-Site Available!


Award Winning Website Design YES!
Web Development YES!
Full Site Programming YES!
High-End SEO Built Template YES!
Easy To Use Content Management System YES!
On-Page SEO YES!
Custom SEO Reporting YES!
Page Speed Optimization YES!
Mobile Site Creation YES!
Usability Testing YES!
Continued Maintenance & Development YES!
Contact Forms YES!
Image Creation YES!
Domain Name Emails YES!
Hosted on High-Speed Servers YES!
99.9% Up time YES!
SEO Content Training YES!
Website Service & Support YES!
Google Analytics YES!


Internet Marketing Available!
Superior SEO Optimization Available!
Local Business SEO Available!
SEO Audits Available!
SEO Link Building Available!
Conversion Rate Optimization Available!
Full Branding Available!
Content Generation Available!
Content Marketing Strategy Available!
Press Release Distribution Available!
Social Media Marketng Available!
Social Media Set-Up Available!
Social Media Management Available!
Social Media Advertising* Available!
PPC: Pay Per Click Set-Up* Available!
PPC: Pay Per Click Management* Available!
PPC: Pay Per Click Remarketing* Available!
PPC: Pay Per Click Mobile* Available!
Online Media Buying* Available!
Reputation Management Available!
Crisis Management Available!
Public Relations Available!
Email Marketing Available!
Video Production Available!
Digital Design Available!
Infographics & Motion Graphics Available!
Print Design Available!
Print Production* Available!
Ecommerce Available!
Ecommerce SEO Available!
•Additional Costs May Apply



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